Coaching and Mentoring PACKAGES AVAILABLE

Coaching and mentoring sessions are on a weekly basis, discussing a personal development agenda which is determined by asking you a series of questions to set up a suitable agenda that is focused on you. One of the benefits of cost effectiveness in coaching and mentoring in comparison to taking full-time, or part-time art or leadership programs is the saving of your time, money and resources. 

Coaching Definition:  ‘Coaching’, became widely used over the last two or three hundred years. It is used to describe the person you seek to guide you who is very knowledgeable, exerienced, trained and posseses skills towards a higher level of teaching or tutoring. The person who is your Coach focuses in on your needs, and not on their personal agendas. 

Mentoring Definition: ‘Mentor’ a name of a character from Greek mythology who was a wise and trusted adviser or counsellor. Until recently, the word kept that meaning: it is a word that is regularly used by people who are a role model or someone who has a significant influence on their professional careers.

Coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help creative people like yourself, to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value.  Results from both coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help people to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value. 

Packages you can choose from:

GOLD - (3) 1 hour coaching and mentoring sessions $400.00

BRONZE - (2) 1 hour coaching and mentoring sessions $300.00

PLATINUM Individual (1) hour coaching and mentoring session $150.00

PLATINUM Group- (1) hour avilable to groups 

PRIVATE Facebook page for discussion, and connection with other participants.

For a creative person as yourself who is passionate about learning about culture, wants to expand skills and learn new technques, my coaching/mentoring sessions are guaranteed to shift your paradigm and create positive changes for you.  I have an indepth knowledge of traditional and contemporary art forms, culture, and history, gained over thirty years of working with various educational organizations. I am experienced with art exhibition, sales, trade shows, and marketing of art. My expertise includes:  leadership styles, public speaking, and in house counseling to business development. As a transformational teacher, speaker and writer I too receive mentorship and coaching from qualified individuals like John Maxwell and his faculty like Paul Martinelli in the "Designing Your Empowered Life," so that what I learn can be passed down to you in my services because I have seen how transformational growth has changed my own life! 

I offer coaching and mentoring in art studio sessions,Skype and or telephone. 

E-Coaching is a blend of coaching and mentoring in a one-on-one program, designed for you by you to guide you in your strengths, and also to help you facilate your personal strategy into the art world.  

Native Studio Art is open to everyone; all cultures and beliefs; it's what makes leadership and the arts more like the building of a community.

Note: The programs listed above are not part of the discounted program with Groupon. 

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