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As an artist you are familiar with what it takes to put yourself out there in the market. The excitement of a sale and then the disappointment of the art piece unsold. Today, the market is saturated with so many different pieces of art it calls on us as artists "to follow our own drum beat." We as artists are all distinct in our techniques, the colors we use and the skill we employ. Business development for artists is more than seeking a loan from the bank or doing a business plan. Why would we? Do you know who buys from you? Is she 32 years old, have a business degree in managment, has one child, works full-time and believes in self-development? Do you need to know who? Yes, as artists we do need to know our strengths as artists and all the other day to day business activities.  

Coaching Definition: Focuses in on your needs, and not the knowledge of the coach.

Mentoring Definition: When you would like some feedback or knowledgable experience from a subject area. The coach will always ask before providing any direction.

COACHING/MENTORING: Introduces you to E-Artist Coaching  and will help you explore your dream, and how to activate it for a prosperous future. Various packages such as:

GOLD - (3) 1 hour coaching and mentoring sessions $400.00

BRONZE - (2) 1 hour coaching and mentoring sessions $300.00

PLATINUM- (1) hour are avilable to groups 

PRIVATE Facebook page for discussion, and connection with other participants.

As an artist, we have a lot of ideas and sometimes in an attempt to get going we tend to jump from one discovery to the next. A weakness to sales but what would you think if you applied focus? Do you know your area of expertise in the arts? GREAT! I hear you! It's exactly what I said until my mentor said, "Which area does your expertise lie within the arts?" I spent a good month exploring the question! I drilled it down to one area and that's what coaching will help you do. You already know the answer, I just help you discover what you are searching for through the one-on-one coaching. I am professional artist and in my past life I was a Native Arts Cultural Instructor and curator of more than 3,500 indigenous artifacts. I was home to art exhibitions, trade shows, tables, galleries and more. I wanted to do more to what I loved and through much reflection set up my small home based business "Native Studio Art." You will also see that attached to it is a learning centre called "Native Studio Art Cultural Institute."  I was certified and trained in JMT Coaching (John Maxwell Team 2015) because I beleived as an artist I can offer so much more. Coaching my style is a little like "Life Coaching" because it falls under the "personal development area." My unique talent is getting everyone I talk to excited about life! Through my own personal coach I discovered I "empower others to live their dream." My values and beliefs as a coach require me to continually develop personally and professionally. I believe I will not give to you what I haven't already found works! 

I offer coaching and mentoring in art studio sessions,Skype and or telephone. 

E-Coaching is a blend of coaching and mentoring in a one-on-one program, designed for you to guide you in your strengths, and also to help you facilate your personal strategy into the art world.  

Native Studio Art is open to everyone; all cultures and beliefs; its what makes leadership and the arts more like the building of a community.

Note: The programs listed above are not part of the discounted program with Groupon. 

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