Book Writing Scholarship

A & B priced $1,500.00 CDN apply today, get it for $630.00!

This course is designed in a way that will coach and assist you through the process of writing your book. Writing a book doesn't have to be the hardest challenge you've ever faced. You will receive help, tips, guidance and personal one-on-one coaching in writing of your book. If you are a beginner two packages are available: 

Writer's Package A: Preparation & Writing

Writer's Package B: Setting up Book for Publishing - the secrets to a professional self-published book

Want to skip the hassle of publishing your own book? No worries, Check Writer's Package C:

Writer's Package C: Native Studio Art will look after Pkg B and Publish Your Book for you!

NEW coming soon!

Register now and receive more information: EXPIRES OCTOBER 31st, 2017 at midnight.