Acrylic: Basic Painting - Pkg A
The world of acrylic painting, an art world full of versatility and bright, bold colors. Because acrylics are water based, it offers opacity (meaning you can paint right over your mistakes) that makes this medium especially appealing to all levels of painters.

Acrylic: Basic Portraiture Painting - Pkg AAA
A basic introduction of the many different shapes found in a face. You will learn how to identify and use these shapes to draft an image of your choosing onto canvas. Learn the importance of color, brush strokes and layering in the formation of the face. 

 E-ARTIST Studio  ("E" is- Entrepreneur & E -Edmonton)

Screen Printing- Pkg E

Screen printing is also a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of polyester or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is forced into the mesh openings by the fill blade or squeegee and by wetting the substrate, transferred onto the printing surface during the squeegee stroke. You can register your interest here.​​

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Art Classes- 1.5 hours per week


$125 per month or 4 weeks.

(Our competitors charge $160.00 for 2 art classes, or $320.00/month) 

Here's what you will have access to:

  1. Your choice of (6) arts classes, you choose (1) art class plus a second one as a back up from the list below. 
    1. ​​Classes run once a week for 2 hour sessions, for one month (4 weeks).  If you joined a drawing class and didn't like it after the first class day, you will have the opportunity to change to your second choice. You will have access to Acrylic Painting, Drawing, Watercolor, Pastels, Screen Printing and Small Art Forms.​​
  2. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee because each session is a one-on-one session, giving you full access to personalized instruction. All classes are on site at Native Studio Art andrequire registration and payment prior to attending. 
  3. After registration, I conduct what I call E-Artist Assessment; which is a set of questions designed to discover your former skills, talents and interests that to help with your artistic success.
  4. After completion of the E-Artist Assessment you will receive one additional quality introductory 60 minute; coaching and mentoring session VALUED at $150.00!


Each course you select is custom designed for you. Upon registration Barbara Derrick will be asking you a series of questions to create a four week art plan with you.  Barbara will design a personalized course from the art plan derived from the one-on-one discussion with you. Over the course of one month; each week you will learn and develop techniques and practices associated with the plan in the art course you chose. Please note if you are unhappy with your first choice  in the arts or leadership training after the first day of instruction, you must contact Barbara Derrick within 72 hours to switch over to the second course change.  Due to the flexible nature of course selections and a second course option money will not be refunded. A complimentary coaching/mentoring session is available in fourth week. 

UPON COMPLETION of the One-Month Art Class A one hour FREE coaching and mentoring session is offered in this package to help you strategize your creative talent. Normally, other competitors charge $200/hour for coaching/mentoring sessions.  Our session will also uncover whether or not you will need additional sessions to complete your blueprint to success!

Aboriginal Small Art Forms

Pkg F

80 minute classes​

A variety of small art forms are available for you to create. This class is for those who are interested in the creation of cultural art forms. It is open to everyone. 

Pastels - Pkg D
The pure pigments of pastels allow artists to layer rich colors to create luminous paintings. This class we will explore color compliments, as well as blending and a beautiful art piece.

Watercolor​ - Pkg C​​
Watercolor is a very fresh intriguing medium but can be challenging. As easy as watercolor painting might look it commands attention, focus and patience.​​

Beadwork Pkg G
The pure pigments of pastels allow artists to layer rich colors to create luminous paintings. This class we will explore color compliments, as well as blending and a beautiful art piece.​​

Learn the beading techniques by through: 

* Basic Loomed Beadwork Bracelet

​* Beaded Key Chain 

Drawing - Pkg B
You will learn how to create drawings with depth and dimension by understanding how light creates shadowing, values, blending techniques that create 3D effects. Guaranteed to make you feel like you're the new Michaelangelo.

Acrylic: Monochromatic Landscape Painting - Pkg AA
The most difficult composition to master are night scenes. Barbara will teach the importance of values and how they come into play in a monochromatic painting. Understand the importance of light and shadows in your art and easily apply them once you have learned its secrets. If you are an advanced artist, learn how to take this technique to a more advanced level using other acrylic mediums.