Who we are

Native Studio Art is a small business operated by an Aboriginal Teacher, Artist and Author Barbara Derrick


Dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience and in the empowerment of artistic people who are creative in different disciplines: art, drawing, carving, cooking, music and more.

Art is multicultural learning, art encourages us to bring aspects of our cultures into the space and it is core to our being. Through the courses Barbara provides guidance in marketing of your art and improving your skills. The ability to create your own successes. Barbara Derrick provides navigation to artists who want to know what they need to do to become artistic entrepreneurs. It's not just about the creation of the art, it's about you! Art is a product. It's about putting it out into the world so you can live your life fully, and live your dreams. Understanding how your brand connects with a certain audience, and how to tap into them. Create, grow and connect with your audience. Become empowered by knowing your value, your purpose, seeing your vision unfold and because you choose to be. 


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Deanna Dormuth, Williams Lake B.C.

"I recommend taking the Creative Dream Course. Barbara helped me see the bigger picture and how to make large goals into smaller goals. Now I can build on what I started. Eventually, I will hit my main goal. Barbara makes you think about what your dream means to you and how you feel about being successful."

March 27, 2017

Toni, Edmonton AB

"I had former knowledge of painting and created a few things in my spare time. However, I didn't understand the importance of tone, value, light and shadow. I wanted to create something that others would find inspiring. Looking at the painting I created in one of Barbara's one-on-one mentor/coaching class I feel great! I feel so much more confident about painting now! I want to continue to paint, mountain and landscapes next for me!" 

March 29, 2017

Janelle Dechaine, Nelson B.C.

"Earlier this year, I was going through a difficult time with isolating myself. Through my experience with Barbara over the past two months she has hepled me set small goals for myself. I could now ease my way out of isolation! I became more involved in the community, stayed physically active, met with friends and applied for employment. I feel very blessed and grateful that she helped me through a difficult time and I am in a better place now. Thanks Barbara for everything!

​October 30 to December 2017

Lesley Cartwright- Essex, UK Artist

“Barbara Derrick and I have been working together for two years, collaborating on art installations for a sculpture trail and exhibitions internationally. We have more collaborative work planned for this year and next. Barbara is a powerful and inspirational artist, sensitive to natural forces and the dreams and inner life of her audience. Her use of colour is unparalleled and her work provokes an emotional response from anyone who sees it. Our ‘medicine wheel’ installation at the Billericay Arts Festival Sculpture Trail was achieved with tireless tutoring by video link. Barbara sharing her knowledge and techniques selflessly. Everyone who sees the ‘spirit mask’ exhibit at the Broken Branches Art of Transformation Exhibition is deeply moved and inspired to produce their own creations, both adults and children. We will be exhibiting again at The Norsey Wood Sculpture Trail on 31st October 2015 and at future Broken Branches Exhibitions. Barbara moves from strength to strength as an artist and as a strong, inspiring woman and I am grateful to be part of the journey and to be able to watch her achieve all she sets out to do."

September 1, 2015, Lesley worked directly with Barbara at Portage College

Jorg Schlagheck- Creative Mind- Skilled Hands 

"Barbara has the knowledge and skill to lead you through a life changing experience. She is a passionate artist, coach and mentor. The way she combines those qualities is unique. Anyone can benefit from her knowledge. I see measurable results in my business."

"October 22, 2015, Jorg was Barbara's client

John Mullins

"Barbara is a very skilled leadership and coach who has a keen sense of intuition. She hears what's not being said and always seems to know what to ask and how to ask it in a way that made me really think. Working with her, I admired her abilities to what she was able to pull out of me through our coaching conversations"

November 11, 2015, John worked directly with Barbara at John Maxwell Team Canada

Mission statement

Creativity Never Sleeps...dream it! become it!

Barbara Derrick is a unique Art Leadership Consultant/Coach based in Edmonton Alberta. Known for providing customized art and leadership packages that never disappoint.