Get (4) one hour coaching and mentoring sessions $400.00 CDN

Schedule an Empowered Art Coaching Call With Barbara

Barbara's professional empowered art coaching calls are all about you. There are no expensive packages that need to be pre-purchased; buy one call and make decisions on a package later.  She'll help you identify where you are stuck, identify strengths and create an action plan. 


Barbara will call you after you've emailed the "Passion Test" and a mutually agreed upon time and date for the coaching appointment will be set.
Each call will last up to 60 minutes. 
You agree to select specific topics for discussion and email them in advance. 

​Changes, Cancellation, Termination If you need to reschedule our appointment, 24 hours notice is required. Native Studio Art does not guarantee the participant’s success in their business nor assume responsibility to the participant’s ability or inability to obtain value from this program.

Get (3) one hour coaching and mentoring sessions $350.00 CDN

Creating an empowered artistic life...

  • Understand the legalities of a major home based business, insurance, business necessities for setting-up an art business for exhibitions, shows and or market places
  • How to intentionally create focus for your art
  • Determine or change your direction
  • Leverage your unique style and talents to carve out a niche as an artistic entrepreneur in a busy market
  • Identify the paradigm that creates struggle and plan for the now

(E is for Entrepreneur; E is for Edmonton)

How the Call Works

Once payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you. Start with downloading the “Passion Test” then sign and return it to email. Your answers to the questions will help me understand a little bit more you and the top five passions you’ve identified. Any other questions related to the five passions can be listed and will help to direct our session more efficiently around the topics and concerns that are of most interest to you.

Improve your artistic life’s goals by…

  • Defining strategic goals
  • Setting a focused direction
  • Taking mindful action
  • Overcoming obstacles

E-Artist Coaching:

​artisans, artist and craftsman

Some of the topics that have been requested by customers: 

  • Figuring Out How to Leverage Your Unique Artistic Style 
  • Efficiently Building and Managing a Loyal Art Buyer Base
  • Dealing with Customers of the Arts + Managing Customer Expectations
  • Methods to Attracting Customers 
  • Discover the Effectiveness of Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker and Or Training 
  • Determining What to Charge for your art
  • Researching + Analyzing Competitors + Colleagues
  • Leveraging Unique Style + Talent; Finding Your Niche
  • Identifying and Designing Your Brand
  • Defining Strategic Goals to Success
  • Improving Elevator Pitches to Your Customers
  • Marketing Techniques

One 60 minute coaching and mentoring session for $150 CDN