Q: What if I'm not satisfied? 

Answer: We offer a 100% money back guarnatee if you're not satisfied. You can find our terms & conditions by clicking on this link: TERMS

Q: If I'm an international customer how are you going to coach me?

Answer: You will receive a schedule of your appointed dates and information that will enable us to visit live through Skype. If you do not have Skype prior to our meeting you can find all the necessary information in downloading it to your computer or mobile device. Click on this link:  SKYPE 

Note: An annual Skype payment is around $35/CDN and goes a long way. Be aware that while Skype is free to use on your mobile device you may risk the chance of paying for the data you use in our calls.

Q: How do I pay you for the course online? 

Answer: All of our courses are payable through PayPay, secure for your credit cards and or debit card payment transactions.

Frequently asked questions answers faq

Q: Where will I be studying?

Answer:  Any of the courses for NAS- Cultural Institute on all on-line through a Moodle Learning Site. This way you can study anywhere, at anytime at your convenience. All course content, videos and audio are located within the sites folders in each course making it far easier to take with you an international folder you can never lose!

Q: Will there be a community room for students to meet one another?

Answer:  Yes, if students of the course would like a Facebook Community Page one will be made for you. 

Q: Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Answer:  Yes, NSA - Cultural Institute loves to celebrate successes!

Q: How do I get a hold of you if I have a question?

Answer: Contact instructor of your course by sending an email to: bderrick@nativestudioart.net with

Subject: â€‹Course Question 

Q: Will your company mail the course to me?

Answer: All documentation will available to you will be shown to you in another window, where you can click "Save as"...to place onto your desktop.