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For those still working for colleges and universities, temporary staffing positions recently labled redundant" send skilled educators out of institutions thorughout Canada. With large scaling down in educational employment positions have become less secure and rewarding, small businesses formation becomes more attractive. As a result, the rise of personal businesses can provide a more flexible work environment, giving you more opportunity to pursue your passion.

The webinar will cover:

  • Identifiable characteristics of a good educator
  • The use of competencies and Lesson Planning for the classroom, speaking and presentations.
  • Achieving the transformational educators life purpose, shared vision, and values
  • The importance of motivating others
  • The future of home based businesss for passionate entrepreneurs

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In this webinar author Barbara Derrick will share her personal stories about her negative thinking models that kept her from realizing her dreams and how she became   more aware of the effects of self-sabotage. Through an on-line webinar conducted with Zoom60 minute webiner you will learn 

  1. Thinking models
  2. Uncovering the entity of negative thinking
  3. Frozen; dealing with trauma
  4. Techniques to self-awareness
  5. Establishing a pathway to wellness

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