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Applying the principles of "The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegy & Joseph Berg Esenwein" you will learn techniques and be able to apply them right away. (Learn at your own pace, on-line course with weekly Q & A's with the instructor. ​​


When I first started to speak publicly I was so nervous the first time I almost passed out!" Or take for example Kate who wants to deliver her board room report sounding more confident, or even those of us who are uncomfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger. If this is something you would be interested in follow the link. 



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Walking In Your Power

12-Week Course

Ever wonder what the single most important factor is in manifesting your dream? For many past events, traumas and memories that hold us hostage as a way of negative thinking or what most called a "paradigm." I like to think of it as an endless abyss. But what if I told you that its possible to change it? My book, "Walking In Your Power- lessons from the grandmothers" started out with a chapter with our elderly character named Muskwa. Through her eyes we learn pain, and trauma can be understood so that we can free ourselves for our work on this journey. We can be courageous together, let's get started and put you back onto the path. Join today. 

What you'll receive:

*  On-line learning module

*  Live calls

*  Support materials 

*  and more!