The Art of Successful Public Speaking ~ How to be successful

The Art of Public Speaking is a classic

The Art of Public Speaking 

Applying the principles of  The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegy & Joseph Berg Esenwein

With Barbara Derrick

"The best way to become a confident, effective public speaker, according to the authors of this incredible book, is simply to do it. Practice, practice, practice. And while you’re at it, assume the positive. Have something to say. Forget the self. Cast out fear. Be absorbed by your subject. And most importantly, expect success. If you believe you will fail, You will."

The Art of Public Speaking has been a best selling book for years. But not everyone that buys it gets speaking gigs! The book is literally packed with great information, but it is the application of this information that really makes the difference.


Barbara Derrick was a Native Arts & Culture Instructor Professor in and arts program at a college, who taught history, fine art design and students instructional techniques for more than a decade. She has certification to teach Indigenous art forms and in adult learning. 

Barbara has been recognized for her work as both a scholar and a teacher. Her first book, Walking In Your Power - lessons from the grandmothers: received an award from Professional Woman Publishing for International Literacy Award in 2017.  

Barbara has received "Recognition of Distinction", in her Native Arts & Culture Certification and Teaching Adult Learners. Her speech on "Walking In Your Power Dream" is among the most popular with her readers and speaking engagements. Her love to improve her speaking and communication to large groups of people have taken the author to "Toastmasters International" speaking group in Edmonton where she has acquired her "Advanced Communication Bronze" and is working towards her silver in their new "Pathways Program  and pursuing the John C. Maxwell's state of the art training for speakers with Roddy Gailbraith. For more than ten years Barbara Derrick has stood in front of various audiences in her career, applying speaking on stage principles and has created extraordinary results in her business.  In this unique and incredibly comprehensive program, Barbara Derrick will share her secrets in preparing dynamic speeches, the importance of research and practical solutions to creating a speech that will get attention.

This truly transformational program includes:

♦ An 8 week deep-dive into Dale Carnegy's  classic The Art of Public Speaking

♦ 374 page PDF workbook copy of the core text

♦ Private access to the program portal organising your study of the program

♦ 8 teaching videos covering each key step

♦ 8 audios discussing the practical application of each step

♦ Access to the  private The Art of Public Speaking Facebook group

♦ Life time access to the digital resources