When we are commmunicating our thoughts  to a colleague, friend, group or a larger audience we want to be an effective communicator. Learning how to take action, respond with clarity, knowledge and confidence can mean the difference  between a great presentation or the next job.  

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Whether you are a beginning artist, or an advanced artist this course offers you a six-week deep dive into John Maxwell's "Put Your Dream to the Test. Discover the key to the burning desire within you.

Upon registration for anyone of these courses you will be given a one-of-a-kind link to our meeting space on line. It's a private office where each of our get togethers will be recorded. A platform that allows me to share my powerpoints, and see you live on line. Once meeting starts, I close the door and lock out any disturbances. Unlike Skype, participants cannot join or just drop in when we are all engaged in lecture and discussion. 

Our webinar attracts artists who are very talented. But when someone asks you to describe your art you stumble over your words and feel like you can’t fully explain it in a way they will understand...

You wish you had a community of artists just as talented as you to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with, but all the artists you know are not on their grind like you and look to you for advice all the time so you feel alone...

This may be the place for you. 

All courses participants with: 

  • ​Workbook
  • On-line learning platform
  • Weekly Q & A
  • Learning content: audio, videos, power point lessons and entrance to Facebook page
  • One half hour coaching
  • Certificate of completion

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Impose your knowledge first by learning what good questions will do to empower you. A six week webinar course to help assist and equip you in asking great questions.

Be a REAL Success

A six-week webinar with some focus on Maxwell's leadership content. Customized content from various leaders like Paul Martinelli, Les Brown or authors like Brene Brown, or professional artists teach us how to develop the STEPS needed to become more successful.