If you are wanting:


  • to develop a more authentic model for power of artistic thinking, creating, perceiving or reflection of artistic practice
  • uncover artistic paradigms blocking success
    • ​"how we do one thing is how we do everything"
  • develop self-assessment/critique/evaluation skills with our ACT strategy
  • use component of art forms to teach in new ways
  • syntehesize and make connections


  • depict historical and societal context of your art form


  • collaborate with educators in schools and colleges
  • deliver meaningful presentations to business partners
  • engage a roomful of people who have different abilities
  • create basic and successful lessons
  • use the arts to foster and build teams and community
  • plan and promote own work as an artist-educator
  • write grants and raise funds

Definition of a teaching artist:is one who has engaged people in learning experiences or has had indepth experience in planning, or ogranizing people or events.

The beginning artist who want to create art and become the best at what they do. Our workshops and courses provide tips and techniques in various mediums to assist with mastery of the art. Native Studio Art provides the key to artistic success through a one-on-one mentorship in the art studio. 


To the professional atist who is interested, or has had experience as a teaching artist.